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  • The shipping costs are fixed, regardless of the number of products that are ordered.
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  • Delivery times are approximate depending on the destination and its accessibility.


$5.99 CAD per order, fixed price, anywhere in Canada.
Time for delivery: between 1 to 12 working days. must receive payment in full for the purchases before arranging for their delivery. The ordered products will become the responsibility of the purchaser when these will be handed over by to the company in charge of the transport. Please take note that all sales are final; no exchanges or refunds are applicable.

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Gamma Force Enterprises Inc. exploited the website The use of this site is regulated by the terms and conditions that appear below. contains information and resources concerning Gamma Force Enterprises Inc. and its products, as well as information connected to health and well-being (the site content).  The site is provided by Gamma Force Enterprises Inc., solely and exclusively for the purpose of increasing your knowledge about global health, as well as about the products of Gamma Force and in no way replace the advice of your doctor.   

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